Warehouse unit with two storey office accommodation, earthworks to enable future development of adjacent plot
Baytree / AXA
Value & Duration
£11m - 22 weeks

This project involves the construction of a new 266,000ft2 warehouse, offices and associated external works. The works also comprised significant earthworks to prepare an adjacent plot for future development. The project has been designed and procured via a full BIM model which will be coordinated with 4D timeline video, AR and VR outputs which provide high quality visualisations showing alternative office environments for potential building users.

The project has incorporated a number of innovative environmental enhancements including, using BIM and drones, drones are being used to produce volumetric measurement for earthworks, facilitating export of the drone generated data directly into the BIM model, The O & M information will be provided to the building user on a Cloud database with RFID tags applied to all assets requiring planned maintenance or active attention, a suite of sensors is installed as part of the base building specification, linked to a dashboard in the reception area, the sensors monitor air and water quality, internal noise, lighting, humidity and temperature, occupancy and occupancy patterns.

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