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Gateway 4, Armthorpe
Trebor Developments
Value & Duration
£14m - 34 week

This project involved the construction of a 410,000sqft industrial unit, with ancillary office accommodation. Associated external works were also undertaken, including service yards, parking, landscaping and works at A630 West Moor Link, Armthorpe. A number of restrictions were in place during construction, including pylon located withing the site boundary, resulting in a 6m no build zone. Due care was therefore taken throughout the entire build to ensure restrictions did not affect the overall project.


Environmentally sound, Gateway 4 utilises a number of ecological features including; rainwater harvesting for the use in toilet flushing and other non-potable application, low flush volume WC’s, low water use spray taps, solar thermal pre-heating of hot water, organic water-based paint and carpets with 80% recyclable yarn.

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