Southend Airport Business Park
Henry Boot Developments
Value & Duration
£16m - 36 Weeks

Design and construction of a new production building with associated offices, external yards, car parking and landscaping works. Cat B Fit-out works to the offices and production areas have also been carried out for the occupier Ipeco, a manufacturer of aircraft seating. Our foundation solution for the building was vibro-stone columns ground improvement which enabled economic foundation design and a ground bearing floor slab. Thus, providing flexibility for future fit-out works. In addition, the works included extension of site infrastructure roads related to the wider Southend Airport Business Park.

Additionally works also included the design and construction of new infrastructure to form the estate roads and mains services routes for Southend Airport Business Park. The works comprised bulk earthworks, mains drainage, construction of service corridors for new statutory services, installation of new statutory services, stormwater attenuation works, alterations to existing watercourses and construction of new roads and footpaths. The works were carried out in two separate phases to facilitate the relocation of the local rugby club, additional measures during construction were required to enable visitors and spectators safe access across the works. The works were also co-ordinated with s278 highways works, infrastructure upgrades and construction of the first building on the estate all carried out simultaneously.

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